It reflects the female mysteries as I know them in my body.

The earth casts her shadow upon the goddess in the sky and shadow creatures move in the realms of the underworld. Her deepest secrets lie dormant within her womb guarded by the ancient shadows of the night. From within the depths of her body a slithering creature awakens, and it moves silently stirring ripples in the astral waters. As the creature moves, glimmering trickles of starlight reflect upon the liquid landscape of the dreaming. The shifting spiraling creature bursts forth from within darkness as glorious light radiating upon the face of the goddess whose body is filled with the light of her Star.

As I created my altar what I discovered was profound and beautiful. I connected to my body, to it’s nature, to it’s knowing, to my heart and my vision of power. The serpent within the depths of my body rose from the darkness as light bringing forth its force and bursting through as the clear light of the star, emanating its silent presence. The Vision of the winged solar snake filled the Moon. My altar holds the vibration of my prayer. It reflects the female mysteries as I know them in my body. The sacred space was present and vibrating intensely and my altar holds that space now. I can take it with me anywhere and connect, and pray and be filled. This dreaming altar is for me a potent tool.

Raven Wildflower