Enjoyed again and again.

I have attended many workshops with Koyote the Blind and I always walk away feeling like I have gone through some kind of transformation and I always leave with a useful tool to help me in my work. The Dream Altar Creation workshop was no exception. In this workshop, we were given the tools and materials to create our own dream altar. A tangible work tool that can travel with us when we are away from home and our altars. Koyote and Alba create a space for you to reach those higher spaces of the dreaming, so the altar you create is a tool unique to you. There is something very special about this workshop. Perhaps it is the collective joy and energy that is felt from your fellow voyagers or perhaps it’s the joy of being allowed to create like a child with glue and paint and trinkets. I enjoyed it so much that I asked to attend it again. Not because I did not gain everything I needed from attending it the first time but because I wanted to bathe in the radiations created by Koyote, Alba and my fellow voyagers once more in that unique space. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend the Dream Altar Creation workshop, I recommend that you make room in your schedule to attend. 

Dancing Cloud

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