2 Simple air purifying beeswax candles

These hand dipped pure beeswax candles naturally purify the air as they burn. The burn time for these is about 3 hours.


2 Gentle Zephyr Herbal Intention Luminary

This luminary is a blend of herbs intended to steady thought, breath and body. Hand dipped beeswax candle with chamomile, rosemary, clove, lavender and mica.


Crystalline Ocean

These blends can be used for bathing or simply soaking the feet to pull toxins and balance the body. Each of these blends is intuited at different shifts in the cosmos accompanied by the Aka Dua Energy.


October Dreamscapes Box 2018

Samhain is the beginning of the dark half of the year where the spirits roam and reach out to cross the veil as it thins. In this box you receive a divination cauldron light, purity potion tea blend 2oz, Samhain incense blend by Lynx Cosmic Brews, besom pen with intention scroll, Samhain bath/foot soak 4.5oz, hand poured beeswax spirit candle, Samhain cookie.


Luminescence of Bast (facial moisture mist)

This mist is to seal in moisture and give the skin a slight shimmer. It contains aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, rosewater, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, pumpkin seed oil, seabuckthorn oil, argan oil, vitamin e oil and mica.


Personalized Dream Altar Creation


November’s Frost Moon blend (5oz.)

All organic comforting blend that opens the air passages while filling the bodies with a sense of comfort and a settling in for what is to come. Orange peel, spearmint, cinnamon, roses, eucalyptus, lemongrass, Chinese oolong tea leaves.


December’s Cold Moon Blend (5oz.)

All organic blend. The long nights of winter can creep in under the feet of the being. A sharp chill can easily grasp your core. With this Cold Moon blend you can stop that chill from grabbing hold. It fills the body and spirits with the warmth of a midnight fire. Rooibos red tea, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, peppercorn medley, hibiscus flower, closes, ginger, star anise, vanilla bean, coriander.


New Moon Voyager Blend (5oz.)

All organic blend that assists the body and mind into a soft relaxation while opening the third eye. Opening a space to voyage. Valerian, chamomile, lemon balm, white peony tea leaves.


Tea Bundle (Limited)

Two 2oz teas of your choice. Nov. Frost Moon, Dec. Cold Moon, or Voyager New Moon and Custom made Dreamer’s Den tea infuser. Made with raw amethyst, opalite, man made coral rose, mother of pearl dew drop.


September Dreamscapes Box 2018

Enjoy a plethora of goodies handcrafted by The Dreamer’s Den and other dreamy friends. Crystalline Ocean bath/foot soak 4oz, Gentle Zephyr tea blend 2oz, wild-crafted smudge stick, luminescence of Bast 2oz facial spray, hand beaded gemstone tea infuser, scroll, herbal intention tapered candles.