Dream Altar Workshops

Dream Altar Workshop (Apr. 21st 2018) 10am-7:30pm at Delta Swell Woodland Hills C.a.

A Dream Altar is a window to the light beyond the visible world. It establishes a tangible connection between you and the force of light that exists beyond ordinary reality. This is the real world from which all dreams and all ordinary worlds are born. It is a vast field of pure light, and contacting this light will bring inspiration, inner knowing, peace, and guidance from the innermost sacred part of your being. The Dream Altar is a bridge between these worlds. I invite you to come to a workshop with Koyote the Blind and Sharla. In this workshop, you will build your very own Dream Altar. It will be keyed exclusively to your subconscious and inner creative source. Every time you operate it, you will be face to face with the light beyond the ordinary. The Dream Altar is portable, and you can take it with you anywhere––in your bedroom, at work, when traveling, etc. During this workshop, you will not only create this wonderful sacred tool, but you will also participate in dream circle, directed by Sharla, where you will experience the infinite light of the Dreaming in a direct and conscious way. For more information, or to arrange alternative methods of payment, please write to Sharla at TheDreamersDen93@gmail.com



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